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Mistress Kat

Female Lives in Seattle, Washington, United States Born on January 13, 1989
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by on July 8, 2022
The morning alarm jolts your core awake 5 minutes before She wakes everyday. Service always begins promptly after waking. It's time - She has awoken and will be needing Her morning coffee to start the day off right, and it's your job to make it to perfection for Her. As you grind the beans for the espresso you can hear Her stretch Her divine body and make a morning moan of coming into existence. She puts on Her robe to head to the bathroom.  you start to lose yourself in servitude bliss.   ...
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by on March 16, 2022
This was written by one of Mine. Use it to spark discussion, ideas, and to gain more insight into Supremacy :) Women are genuinely smarter. It's been shown that Women think more quickly, can handle multiple thoughts at once, and can pull from both sides of the brain at once. Whereas men regular lose thinking ability when they get flooded with adrenaline, or when aroused by a Woman. Because these are cases where nature is saying men should act/obey, not think. It's exciting and comforting to m...
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