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Mistress Kat
by on July 8, 2022

The morning alarm jolts your core awake 5 minutes before She wakes everyday. Service always begins promptly after waking. It's time - She has awoken and will be needing Her morning coffee to start the day off right, and it's your job to make it to perfection for Her. As you grind the beans for the espresso you can hear Her stretch Her divine body and make a morning moan of coming into existence. She puts on Her robe to head to the bathroom.  you start to lose yourself in servitude bliss.


The function of the espresso maker hums so loudly that you can't hear Her tell you the extra shot She desires in Her morning cup as She walks away. Little do you know that you're already off to a rough start. you make Her cup with the happiest smile - thinking of the praises you'll receive upon the first suds of foam that hit Her lovely lips, continuing to dance in that servitude bliss.


She exits the bathroom to sit in Her favorite bedroom chair. Serving a deadpan look to you to bring Her coffee post haste while you're flooded with serving ecstasy. "Goodness, She's perfection" you swim in that thought as your feet sweep over to Her to bring the cup. you dive down on your knees without spilling a drop to offer the cup up with inferiority.


As she takes Her first sip delicately from the rim of the cup, She hasn't even stopped sipping when She has looked down upon you. The first sip is finished and you finally hear Her words - "I don't taste the extra shot I wanted..." but before you could even lock eyes with Her you are struck down, jaw bouncing off of the floor.


Everything goes black and you can't feel anything besides the darkness that surrounds you. Shes gone. That feeling of bliss is gone.


What feels like forever is only mere seconds till you awake shaken to your core by that 5 minute alarm. It is time to repeat that morning until you get it right. Always lost in your own happiness to serve, but when will you ever learn? 

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