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by on September 16, 2022

We have been geeting complaints on this member

He has been banned but if you are talking with him off site, STAY CLEAR of him as this person is possibly VERY dangerous.

Here he is saying he tricks women into meeting them. ( THIS IS A SERIOUS THREAT WE DONT TAKE LIGHTLY )

He has been banned and we are looking for other profiles.

At this point, do NOT meet anyone in person from this site OR any site without someone escorting you.

We are not trying to alarm you BUT we are trying to make sure you are carefull. 

We have ALWAYS put the safety of our members abnove anything.

Please be carefull and if you have any info on this member PLEASE message Admin of the site/



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Thank you
Like October 20, 2022
When I search royaldoms it always says page not found? ❤️❤️
Like October 25, 2022
Thank you for the warning. Safety is always important online or offline.
Like December 3, 2022
Princess Leya
Wow what a freakin creep
Like December 27, 2022