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by on May 28, 2022

I had not planned to go to New Orleans this October, but now I will be. I will be part of the Second Line Parade for DomCon.

I have not been active in the lifestyle since November. I have been dealing with the loss of my significant other and mother-in-law due to complications of Covid. Now I have a third loss.

My owned sub had not called or texted in a week. This is very out-of-character for him. Even when in the hospital, he would text me regularly. He was fighting cancer for the third time in the last four years. I knew he was declining, but he did not wish to worry me. This last go-around was too much for his body. Today the obituary was listed online.

My playtoy passed away on Tuesday.

He was formerly known as sorrysub. I hated that name. My sub was not sorry in the least, he was such a good toy. He was a good person. I adored him as both my sub and as the kind person he was.

We were fortunate enough to have found each other almost a decade ago. He was the type to hit and run when it came to serving. I gave him space and slowly the relationship deepened. He steadily served for the last seven years. 

Sometimes it is the small things that leave the longest impressions. He was very good at the small details. Remembering all of the special dates. Made such a fuss over birthdays and dates that were meaningful for his servitude to me. He was very generous. Not just the gifts or money, but his time. He was not just my sub, he was my friend. He no longer is in pain. Pain is just for the living.

During DomCon in New Orleans, there is a Second Line Parade to honor those that have passed in the last year. This will be the first year I will attend without him walking behind me. This time his picture will be in my arms to honor his service to me.

Rest in Peace my sweet sub, my friend. My heart is sad and you will be missed.

A memory (he is ever so briefly in this video)

-I will never be able to look at a light blue oxford and not think of my playtoy.

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So sorry to hear of this. May he rest in peace.
Like May 30, 2022
Omg. I am so sorry for your loss. <3 Sending love your way.
Like May 30, 2022
👑Empress Demonia
Like June 4, 2022
For a while now , i was wondering how You were doing ... Now i know ... Very sad indeed . All the best ... Guy
Like July 4, 2022