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Pauley playtoy-OwnedByPB
by on February 13, 2022

Oh my Goddess, I have been SO submissive to Mistress Pauley lately after 8 years of submissive service. Three or four years ago, I thought I could NOT be any more submissive to Mistress Pauley, But now here we are at 8 years and I am SO MUCH MORE submissive to Her Holy Will.

Part of her training is she has not let me cum for 6 years except for rare medical issues. At one point I began to understand why she denies me orgasm as I groveled before her tease and denial photos and chose gifts from her Wish List for her. I knew then why I am not allowed to release and what the word "slave" means. 

Now I NEED to go without for Mistres Pauley. I need to think only of her pleasure, satisfaction, comfort, well being and amusement as she sees me sacrifice to her again and again. And sacrifice to her is the only "release" I am allowed by Mistres Pauley.

Thank you for using me like this, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for taking what you want as I kneel submissively before you begging to give more, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for your truly wonderful tease and denial materials, Mistress Pauley.

I worship you, Mistress Pauley. I CANNOT WAIT for the next opportunity to please you, Mistress Pauley.


Your very horny and increasingly submissive slave,

slave playtoy



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Ms. Pauley Belle
I do enjoy my playtoy groveling.
Like February 13, 2022
Pauley playtoy-OwnedByPB
Groveling expresses how much I need more of your personal domination and control, Mistress.
Like February 14, 2022
Very good to see posts like this so that Dommes know what goes into the making of a good submissive and subs can take notes from or approach and ask for advice from this submissive!❤
Like February 14, 2022