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The Pegstress

Female Lives in baltimore, Maryland, United States Born on September 25, 1977
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by on August 19, 2017
So FETISH CON was last week and it was a blast! This year was bigger than my last time there. I was able to meet many new folks and at some points it even felt like a reunion! The C4S dinner was great, got the hang with good friends the Kabooms (Kimmie Kaboom and hubby)! We even walked the red carpet together! ...
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by on July 20, 2017
I am pleased to announce yet another project! The SLUT MAG series is here! I have created the SLUT MAG series to expose some sissies from my kik group. Well now, its a thing! So you too can now have your own custom SLUT MAG cover! I will attach a link within this blog for additional details regarding submission requirements to SLUT MAG. This opportunity is only available to unowned boys! If owned and you are seeking to submit your pics to SLUT MAG, please have your mistress contact me direct...
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by on June 29, 2017
The GANJA GODDESS IS COMING SAN FRANSISCO! WeedCation is upon me! I am packing now to enjoy the next 6 days at a 5 star hotel all on my slaves dime! I call it a Weedcation cuz I will be staying in the nations weed capitol California and my finsub has made it so I want for nothing! Flight is booked 1st class of course! Hotel is booked and paid for The Palace hotel in San Fransisco! 420 has been procured and of course more will be purchased for this Ganja Goddess! During the time I'm there, I will...
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by on June 12, 2017
Hello there minions!!! Pimpstress is making her 1st trip down to S. Florida and the 1st stop is Miami for Camming Con June 20th-24th! I am ready to hit the beach, shop, be spoiled and see all my Florida slaves! Now this is one of my favorite Conventions, for many reasons. The main 2 reasons, the 1st being it is a B2B convention that is full of sexy, submissive cam models from around the world. The 2nd being this is the only convention where the model is spoiled by the convention itself! Yes!...
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by on August 2, 2016
http://mistressthick.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/MTbannerv1.gif" height="160" width="400"> In honor of the successful launch of my subscription website www.mistressthick I am re- opening my banner program to new ladies to promote your website. Since the redesign of my website and relaunch as a member site. I have seen exponential growth. I am please to announce my site has its 1st 31 members! Yes 31 in 2 weeks !!! I'm extremely excited. In addition to that mistressthick.com has seen record...
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by on July 29, 2016
http://mistressthick.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/joinnowred.png"> I am excited and pleased to announce my website www.mistressthick.com is now a subscription site! Yes that's right this is the 1st of many subscription sites I am launching this year! Joining is free for now on mistressthick.com ! I do offer 2 subscription levels for my members: ...
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by on July 25, 2016
http://pimpstressmistress.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Pimpstress-Banner-scroll-1.gif" height="240" width="425"> Upcoming International Travel Announcement!!! ...
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by on April 3, 2016
In my Jigsaw voice .... Do you want to play a game ? So I love public humiliation as many of you do ! And on webcam its even better ! Well there's a cam game I'd like to play and I want you to join in. So, I have this game that I play called 60 seconds. It usually involves at least 3-5 slaves and myself or myself and Mistress Unknown. The purpose of this game is a humiliation race of sorts! Each slave will stand on cam with 7 articles of clothing of their choice. There will be an item cal...
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by on April 2, 2016
So sitting in chat ...I made the comment if Trump wins the election , it will start the zombie apocalypse. So with that thought I wondered... As a femdom /findom in the zombie apocalypse , what would I need ? What would I pack? So these items immediately came to mind. Tell me what you think ... 1. Knife Dildo - Basically a dildo shaped as a knife ... could be wood or metal 2. Single Tail whip with razor blade end ...
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