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by on June 21, 2018
Hi There Maybe it's Me But Since I have been a Lifestyle and Professional Domnatrix for over 28 Years Now It seems that I love getting New Callers and meeting New people whether I'm Traveling to other states etc.. Nothing I find more funny is that recently I have been getting alot of calls on My Niteflirt PSO Listings...which is good but... But that is not the funny part, The funny part is Most of these guys who are like the age of 21 and up and they call Me expecting Me to want to take them ...
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by on April 19, 2018
Hi there I am MistressCandy69 I have My Own BDSM Themed radio show that I do with My crossdressing submissive, every saturday evening on www.asnradio.com I love My Network, My Radio show is Really cool and you can definately learn something If you are New to BDSM.. We have all kinds of discussions on there about BDSM and the many fetishes in the industry...If you are Looking to be interviewed to Promote yourself I can help you out with that being that I have been doing this show since August 20...
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by on February 10, 2018
Hi there it's MistressCandy69 here I just want to say That My Live Radio show is Now on another Network, As of feb 4th 2018 I have departed from cherry pop radio due to "they just dont have their shit together"..They sent out an email to all the hosts explaining that there is bugs on their end, to me it seems there's more to the story, After I called several people on the old network, wondering if the email that I recieved was a joke because it was a fowarded email from another host not the main...
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by on November 29, 2017
As it seems Mistress' older slave had tried to grace Mistress with its presence once again, but this Mistress is too smart for you...I had once owned and collared this slave for almost 6 yrs.. but due to certain life circumstances Mistress had released this slave a few years ago,because he was too intrusive,and demanding and telling Me what to do with My Life and I always felt that he was in love with Me, Now its perfectly ok to have these feelings but when it happens over and over again, too mu...
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by on September 14, 2017
Hi there this is MistressCandy69 I have been extremely busy Promoting My 3 year Long Radio show on the allpleasure network. Myself and my submissive cupcake have been going to all kinds of events and making appearances and of course in between doing My Pro Domme sessions, in My Personal play space dungeon. As some of you may already know Myself and cupcake Host the BDSM Alive Radio show on XXX Pornstar radio..I have been an active contributor for the Station..If some of you would like to list...
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by on July 1, 2016
I am MistressCandy69 A Lifestyle Domina for over 16 + Years,I know That E/everyone wants to always Learn, Myself and My submissive cupcake Host a Live radio show every Thursday from 715pm est to 815pm est on xxx pornstar radio, Yes W/we Love to Teach BDSM and the Lifestyle, If anyone is interested in becoming a Guest on My Live Radio show then Feel free to Message Me or comment here, Im always looking to Have Mistress's and subbies on the show. I Love to educate individuals about BDSM and Se...
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