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Enchantress Nyx

Female Lives in Phoenix, Arizona, United States Born on October 13
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by on November 5, 2017
Okay there was a debate on twitter about subs that give 10-30 tributes and it being an insult to the Domme. Here is my honest opinion on this. I am a Dominate women through and through have been for most my life. I am a FemDomme first and foremost before I am FinDomme. I have many fetishes including money. I feel that you as the sub should sacrifice for your Dominates luxury. Meaning instead of the morning cup of star bucks of the fast food lunches you make your own coffee for the week and make ...
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by on November 5, 2017
You started off lurking through my profile and following my every move. Feeding your addiction to me. Then one day you worked up the nerve to message me. I didn’t get that message till late and your life had changed and you could no longer fulfill your addiction to speak and have me speak to you. Time passes and your addiction grows and you need to talk to me so you feed that addiction. That first conversation is slow to start as we are busy and our time zones are different. We move to a messagi...
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by on January 24, 2017
You know that 40% of my subs took a very long time to come and chat with me. I always wondered why they waited. I asked one an he said cause he admired from afar until he couldn’t contain himself any longer. So I began to wonder if maybe that is the norm for a finsub. You stumble on my page and you began to follow and watch. You become interested in what I write and what I post but your only checking onetime a day at this point. Then you see a post that ignites something in you is it my feet...
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by on December 11, 2016
Okay so I have had to do a lot of thinking whether I would type this out on my blog or not. So, with every other post in my twitter feed about time wasters (TW from now on) I deiced it was best to write this out. first off I guess the question is what is a TW? Well it would depend on who you ask but for me it’s when I give my time to a sub that is a potential and he pretends to or doesn’t pay. Now here in itself is the issue I have with that. I like to get to know any sub that maybe in my servic...
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