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by on March 28, 2019

A recent blog post got me thinking about something that is entirely important here within our community. Actions. The actions of the dominant and the actions of the submissive. I'll start be prefacing the actions of a dominant. To summarize the recent blog I read, basically be your own woman. Your actions will dictate the type of sub you want, and attract. So if youre all about tributes and less about the lifestyle, you'll attract those that only want that. Finding what you want and then acting on those desires is important when discovering the right submissives. I am a lifestyle oriented domme. I seek out personal connections, because I believe that makes breaking a man into a boy.. even more attractive. I am not "bow to me" 24/7. In fact, it is unspoken between my property, because I feel that real power shouldnt be forced down everyone's throat. Real power and control is subtle, and always there. When I am seeking new submissives, yes I look over profiles and see if they can be a good match.

However, when boys approach me.. they need to act on their words. Words without action are simply empty. I am a firm believer that if a submissive has done the work and truly, honestly, find themselves interested in a domme? They know to approach with a respectful tribute, and then the get to know process can begin. When I hear, oh goddess, I dont feel comfortable tributing just yet.. Simply means they havent done the work to know me. Why should I be interested in a lazy submissive? I have a blog web site, posts, and interaction on this site. It's when boys simply lack even words on their profile, and dont spend the time to put ANYTHING on their profile, that tells me their actions will be just as empty. 

So.. actions speak louder than words, and when you can barely put the time in to discover as much as you can about a dominant, or a dominant that doesnt put any effort except pay pay pay.. youre bound to find that the site is empty to you. It takes patience, honesty, and quite frankly a little hard work to find that match youre seeking. 

Good luck to dominants and submissives alike!

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easily led
I do agree. Actions and kept promises by both Dominants & submissives build trust. A crucial commodity!
Like March 29, 2019
Queen Ruby
I couldn't have said this better myself nothing tires me more than empty profiles and I come across them constantly. Also if I can be bothered to look into you, you should find the time to investigate me! Lazy is unattractive, sloppy is unattractive and ignorance is even more unattractive.
Like October 14, 2020
well said Goddess, now all that has to be done is for the profile to be read
Like October 14, 2020
definitely a great post!!! you hit everything perfectly and very well said!! 💕
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