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Ms. Pauley Belle
by on May 21, 2016

Subs are not cut from the same dough. "BillyBob" might like watching you wiggle your toes while he begs to kiss them. "JohnDoe" loves teasing and denial. "MrMoneybags" just loves sending money with no strings attached. "Painpuppet" loves his bottom beat. Each sub is different. No two have the exact same kink, so not every sub is a fit for every Domme.

Finding the right fit is like any relationship, it takes time and chemistry. For some it is "love at first sight" others, it is a slow build-up. Takes time and energy from both. Why would a Domme desire a pet that does not fit their personality and lifestyle? Is it not better to have one that fits your desires? Why get upset when every drooling man is not drooling at your feet? Perhaps they just do not like perfection and will seek a flawed woman. It is not you, it is a "them" scenario. Do not take it personally. Smile and move on. Do not waste your effort and time. The flavor combination is not always there.

I like pets that are intelligent, witty, even a bit mischievous. Money is just not enough reason to keep spending my precious time on a sub that does not embody these qualities. I want to enjoy the time I spend with them. I want them to enjoy it as well. No cookie-cutter Dommes, we are all different in our own special lovely ways. One size does not fit all. Good luck with your search for the right pet or Lady. Find your favorite cookie.