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by on October 15, 2018

If you remember a while ago I got my hands and feet cast for a range of impact equipment and skin for tattoo practise. The items are now available to buy online. Now you can beat yourself silly with my hand. If you crave me so desperately and I am not available for a session you can give it to yourself and PAY ME each time you abuse yourself with my hand.

The SlapStick - This ultra-realistic limb is perfect for a wide variety of satisfying sensations. How you wield it is down to you…

You can also purchase a silicone copy of my feet  For slave who crave my perfect size 4 petitie feet. Sniff, lick and caress a replica of my feet then TRIBUTE ME as you do. It is just as good as the real thing without me having to put up with your ugly face anywhere near them!

I didn't get any photographs of when I got my hands cast. It is hard to take photo when your hands are being smothered in silicone.

My original blog from when I got my feet cast include photographs of the messy process of the casting.

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