June 3, 2021
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Dommes, have you come across subs that love your accent?  

Subs, are you drawn to a specific accent? 

I have a strong British London accent...

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I’ve got Lithuanian: Ukrainian accent
Like September 26, 2022
I get a lot of compliments on my british accent, I love an accent too though! Especially American
Like October 16, 2022
I wanted to vote yes but seen that it's on 69 votes and couldn't ruin it! I am from Britain but north east so my accent is a lot more common haha
Like November 8, 2022
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platscarlette yes vote before a pathetic sub dares to! All for the British accent! Xx
Like November 8, 2022
I certainly find it a turn-on when I'm being ordered around in a foreign accent. Well, a lot of foreign accents anyway. I am sure I could find some that grated on my nerves. As a Brit, I am immune to most British accents!
Like June 17, 2024
I actually love English accents as theyre still very different for me. You'd probably hate mine then! 1f602.png
Like June 24, 2024