Mistress Kiara
on July 24, 2022
I've released a new erotica novel! It's 33587 words and it is about a Catholic priest who is seduced by the choir instructor of his church - who just happens to be a succubus in disguise! It's not got a lot of femdom content in it, but it is pretty kinky and fun!
Even if it's not your thing, it would really help Me out if you could buy it and rate it 5 stars on Amazon. Anyone who does and sends proof that they've done so will receive a special gift from Me, so be sure to take advantage of this great deal!
The book is written under My new pseudonym, Ryder O. Cox, and I plan to release more books like it soon, so stay tuned! Check out My new site for Ryder's content, and join the mailing list for more updates https://ryderocox.com/
Dimension: 900 x 1431
File Size: 182.46 Kb
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Congrats on your book!
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Mistress Kat
Your pseudonym is (chefs kiss)
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👑Empress Demonia
Now this is hot🔥🔥 congrats
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Mistress Kiara
Thank you everyone~! 1f60d.png1f60d.png1f60d.png
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