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by on June 10, 2024
When you apply to serve a domme, it is much like a vanilla job interview. Tips to help you are as follows: 1. Understand Your Audience: Find out as much as possible about the Domme before the interview session. This will help you tailor your responses to meet their specific needs and expectations. This will save you both alot of time and headaches. 2. Emphasize Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What makes you different from other candidates? What unique skills, experiences, or knowled...
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by on June 2, 2024
Today as in every Sunday is my own personal Goddess Day, where you can come to my spiritual temple and worship the Goddess that is I. Good boys that are already under me know how to appease me on this day and every day to be honest. But if you are looking for inspiration you may want to consider the following... 1. Host a Personal Growth Workshop: In honor of Goddess Day, organize a personal growth workshop that embraces the divine feminine energy. Offer interactive sessions on yoga, meditati...
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by on May 25, 2024
In the realms where quietude reigns, Submissive is your nature, like gentle summer rains. Bowing to the thrumming rhythm of time, Like an unwritten, yet melodic, rhyme.  ...
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by on May 6, 2024
Behavioral issues, if not corrected, can lead to severe consequences, both for individuals and for those around them. Proper punishment is crucial in managing undesirable actions, as it serves as a deterrent, emphasizing that such behavior is unacceptable and has consequences and will not be ignored.  Essential to this is the principle of proportionality. This means that the punishment should match the severity and the frequency of the bad behavior. The more severe or frequent the bad behavior,...
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by on April 26, 2024
This writing is indeed NOT an end all and do all for understanding male submissiveness, it is a guide based on some personal observations. Understanding the psyche of the submissive male is a complex process. Many factors such as environment, upbringing, personality, and experiences contribute to the shaping of this particular mindset. Nonetheless, from the perspective of advertising principles, there are several essential aspects to consider. Firstly, it's essential to identify and empath...
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by on April 22, 2024
The concept of being a better version of yourself every day might seem overwhelming. It implies constant change, constant improvement, and never resting on your laureate. However, when you break it down, it becomes less daunting. Here are a few principles to guide you. Firstly, self-improvement is a journey, not a destination. The goal is not to reach a point where you can say, "I'm the best I can be," but rather to always strive for improvement, no matter how small. Secondly, personal gro...
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by on April 19, 2024
In the teetering realm of self-control, Where addiction's chains encase the soul, Lies an epoch of relentless battle, A journey that leaves the heartstrings rattled. ...
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by on April 16, 2024
1. Self-Development: Fulfilling your obligations can help in personal growth. They can teach you how to set priorities, manage time, enhance problem-solving skills, and make crucial decisions. By trying to get out of obligations, you miss out on these opportunities for self-improvement. 2. Builds Trust: By meeting your obligations, you build trust and credibility with others. If you regularly try to get out of commitments, people may start to view you as unreliable and untrustworthy. 3. Fo...
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by on April 16, 2024
1. Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Female bosses often exhibit higher levels of emotional intelligence than their male counterparts. This trait allows them to understand and manage their own emotions and those of their team, creating a harmonious working environment. They can empathize with their employees, which fosters trust, respect, and productivity. 2. Empowering Leadership Style: Women leaders are often transformational, inspiring their team members to grow and realize their full poten...
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by on April 11, 2024
Ode to Male Chastity — an untold tale of restrained desire and heightened honor. An ode that unearths the profound strength in that which is reserved. It is about the unspoken valor of the men who choose to swim against the current of carnal cravings, to brave the ceaseless torrents of temptation.  Male chastity is not a tale of deprivation, but a saga of sublime control and nobility, a testament to the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Its narrative is rooted not in the shadows of in...
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by on April 11, 2024
Beneath the veil of a star-lit night,  Your essence whispers to my restless heart,  Like a melody that plays in the quiet dark,  I am spellbound, I am drawn, you are my art.  ...
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by on April 8, 2024
In the silence of the night, the mind starts an exhilarating flight, Obsessed with dreams and visions, too vivid to ignore, too stirring to fight. Like a flame in the dark, passions awake, wild and bright, Fueled by desires, that yearn to ignite. ...
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